Here is more detail on some of the awards I have received over recent years.

Microsoft Professional Program

In December 2016 I was successful in gaining the Codess Scholarship for the Microsoft Professional Program (MPP) in Data Science.

This awarded me a fully paid sponsorship to complete the MPP program. The program consisted of 10 modules (including the infamous capstone project) aimed at developing my Data Science skills.

The program covered a variety of topics including statistical thinking, python programming and Machine learning and culminated in a Capstone project working on a realistic dataset. The challenge involved using Azure ML in order to help decide which of the loans were likey to default.

My certificates from the modules can be found below and the final certificate can be seen here.

Live Versions

Click the image for the corresponding level of the assignment.

Module 1

Microsoft DAT101x Certificate | Data Science Orientation

Module 2

Microsoft DAT201x Certificate | Querying with Tansact-SQL

Module 3

Microsoft DAT206x Certificate | Analyzing and Vizualizing Data with Excel

Module 4

ColumbiaX DS101X Certificate | Statistical Thinking for Data Science and Analytics

Module 5

Microsoft DAT208x Certificate | Introduction to Python for Data Science

Module 6

Microsoft DAT203.1x Certificate | Data Science Essentials

Module 7

Microsoft DAT203.2x Certificate | Principles of Machine Learning

Module 8

Microsoft DAT210x Certificate | Programming with Python for Data Science

Module 9

Microsoft DAT211x Certificate | Developing Intelligent Apps and Bots

Module 10

Microsoft DAT102x Certificate | Data Science Professional Project